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Kastraki Naxou, 84300 Naxos, Greece



The longest beach of Naxos. A rich long sandy beach with small rocky areas make up the beautiful landscape. There are a number sand hills shaded by cedar trees.

The beach is ideal for rest, relaxation, fishing, swimming, water sports and walking. Because of the large area there are several access points to the beach. When you see the beach from afar, gives the impression.... of a large desert with many oases.


20 meters from the sea, the newly built studios Blue Myth are situated in the best part of the Kastraki region, to the southwest of Naxos.

The studios are approximately 15.5 miles (15 minutes) away from the island's capital and this is what makes them stand out, because coming to Kastraki one can enjoy the magnificent sceneries that offers the beautiful island of Naxos.


How to get to Kastraki

  • Coming out of the port, we follow the main road towards the villages.
  • Leaving the city, turn right at the intersection towards Glinado and then right again to Glinado.
  • Follow the main road.
  • When past the intersection of Mikri Vigla we get to the next narrow road on the right and then the first road on the left.
  • We arrive at a smaller intersection and turn right.
    (This road is initially tarmac and then becomes a dirt road). 
  • This ends up in the sea.
  • The corner between the sea and the road is the Blue Myth.
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